Colorobo is a game in which you must put a robot head on a target. Each time you succced to do it, you win a point and the robot and the target move. The goal it to have as much points as possible before time is up.


The robot moves on a color wheel and can go in 4 directions : to the red (on top), to the blue (on the left), to the yellow (on the right), to the white (in the center).
To move the robot, you must touch a color and the robot will move toward this color. If the color is upside down, the robot will move in the opposite direction of this color.
If you touch a color several times, the robot will move multiple tiles. If you touch a skull by mistake, two tiles will be blocked. Il you already have six blocked tiles and you touch a skull again, you will lose a point and the robot and the target will move.
The chrono is set to 40 seconds at the begining of the game. You can win time by touching a clock (+1s by touch) or by succeeding to put the robot on the target (+2s).

On the home screen, you can watch the tutorial, chose the language (english or french) and chose the mode. Indeed, you can play with the regular mode with red yellow and blue colors (mode RYB), but also with red green and blue colors (mode RGB) or cyan magenta and yellow colors (mode CMY).

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Personal data management

The only stored data is linked to the current configuration (best score, last used mode, french or english). It's not used or sent to anyone. It's erased if the application is deleted.